Masarani Trading welcomes you to the future of service delivery and customer satisfaction. We are thrilled to have you here and invite you to review our extensive array of products and services.

Trade is the lifeblood of the world’s economy, and the ability to connect with buyers and sellers across the globe has been the single most important success factor of many businesses. At Masarani Trading, our main business activities include trading in Steel, Construction & Building Material products.

As we’re in the field of Steel, Construction & Building Material products you can be assured that our products are to meet the highest specification required internationally.

As the company grew, our philosophy of excellence, integrity, customer loyalty and commitment were tested and proven over the years and has now become the bedrock of the products and services which we offer to our customers.


Masarani Trading is a company with a compelling story and a rich culture; a story of how a small garment shop in Deira, Dubai – UAE started by an innovative seamstress in 2003 grew to become an influential trading company in 11 short years, with strong connections through Asia, Europe and within Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
Starting with a working staff of 5 making garments in a factory, it began to import accessories from Italy to cater to our customer requests and complement the outfits they purchased. The company moved to Landmark Plaza in 2004 to enhance its visibility and also capture the tourist trade, which led to an increased clientele base that continued to grow steadily over the years.
We are totally committed to our customer relationship and we try as much as possible to ensure their utmost satisfaction with all our products and services.

We carry out thorough and routine “Materials Inspections” in terms of QUALITY CONTROL and we provide such reports upon Client’s Request – QMS.


To become a world-class company, a brand with loyalty, commitment and respect, trusted by its customers to provide them with an excellent and exceptional range of products & services.


To satisfy the needs of our global market by forging strong relationships with our partners, developing innovative ideas into businesses and providing the best products and services within our capacity to our customers.


Brand Driver: “Your Satisfaction is Our Mission”

Core Values: Integrity, Trust, Passion for Customers Commitment, Mutual respect, Excellence, Innovation.