Tiles (Ceramics, Natural Stones)

Origins: Local (UAE), China, Italy
From some of our Local and International Ceramics producers, one of our ceramic preferences in the local market arena with whom we’re dealing with is the “World’s Largest Ceramics Manufacturer – RAK Ceramics

Different types are available depending on sizes, colors, textures & designs to select from as per clients requirements.


Packed and sealed by a computer-controlled machine that prints automatically the model number, shade and the quality grade of the tiles. The tiles are packed in carton boxes and arranged on pallets.
For deliveries within U.A.E load capacities:
– 45 tons flat trailer which can load 2800 M2 each of ceramic tiles
– 10 tons capacity truck which can load 700 M2 each
– Pick-ups of 4 tons capacity

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo flooring is used throughout the world in locations such as train stations, airports, shopping malls and supermarkets and enjoys an enviable reputation due to its combination of durability, ease of maintenance, beauty and performance.
The material is a composite of natural marble chippings set in a matrix of cement with a color pigment added to it. The range of aggregates in sizes and color is vast and they can be set into practically any color cement to create an endless amount of finishes. Once laid, the terrazzo is ground down and polished to expose the aggregate.

Export Capacities

In one 20 feet container (22 tons) we can load the below mentioned quantities. Please note that these figures will vary as per the loading capacity allowed for the container, depending on the destination.

Types Of Tiles

(i) Ceramic Tiles (Non-Porcelain)

Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay with a durable ‚glaze‘ (the design) added to the face after the clay has been pressed/baked at high temperatures in a kiln to remove most of the water content.

(ii) Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also made from clay, but generally those of a denser nature. Finely ground sand is also added to the mix. The materials are then pressed and fired at higher temperatures (compared to ceramic tiles) and for much longer to remove practically all of the water content. This process is what makes porcelain tiles denser (thicker), less porous (absorbent) and more hardwearing (resilient) than ceramic tiles.


Offices, lobbies, entrances, galleries, air terminals, and any other type of application that needs a magnificent floor in just minutes.
They can be applied onto any firm, solid surface and span over minor cracks and fissures. Easily trimmed to fit your area with common hand tools or small electric saws. Each tile can handle up to 2,000 lbs. (907.185kgs) of weight, allowing them to handle standard vehicles.
Available in seven beautiful color patterns: Volcano, Marble, Terrazzo, Rustic, Sandstone, Clay and Granite.

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