Steel Rebars

Steel rod or bar produced from billets at the rolling mill. An important component of reinforced concrete, Rebar is given ridges for better frictional adhesion to the concrete. Also called reinforcing steel, rebar is a critical component in the construction of buildings, highways, and general infrastructure. Rebar may be shipped either in bundles or coils.

Steel Welded Pile Cages

We have established a strong relationship with the industry leaders and specialists in manufacturing fabricated cages (Steel Welded Pile Cages) for piling & columns.
Whereas, Pile Cages are made with adjustable spacing by automatic spot welding machines and also various opening and length options are available.

Steel Welded Wire Mesh

A substitution for traditional method of reinforcement using loose bars tied together manually which is time consuming and an inaccurate approach. In general it is used in the; Construction (foundations, slabs) agricultural, industrial, transportation, mines and many more applications.

Steel Wire Rods

Wire rods are used for many different products. There are different types of wire rods such as cold drawn or hot rolled. Depending upon how it is cold formed and heat-treated, wire is used, for example, to produce wire ropes, barbed wire, nails and not limited to springs, welded wire mesh and reinforcement wire

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